Made to be super light, their comfort are unmatched! In addition to being chewable at will!


Hoop size: 10 or 12 mm.
Pendant size: 4 mm.
Hoop style: closed or open.


14k Gold Filled
Gold filled is a material consisting of a solid shell of genuine 14k gold permanently pressure-applied to a metal alloy base. With this technology, you won't have to worry about jewelry tarnishing, gold flaking or allergic reactions.


Open hoops: Designed to be put on and taken off at will during the day.

Closed hoops: Designed to be kept in place for as long as you like. To put them on, gently pull the two ends apart with your fingers. Insert the tip into your ear hole, then gently twist the two ends together until they line up. Don't open the band too much, as you may have trouble tightening it.


On the model in the photo, the distance between the ear hole and the edge of the earlobe is 5 mm. The final result will vary depending on the location of your ear hole.

Metal 14k Rose gold filled
Size 10 mm
Style Closed

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