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Respire means ''Breathe'' in french.

Concept: your quote is stamped with 1.5 mm letters on an 1 mm ring band, which create a unique pattern. Because the letters are hardly readable, your quote remains secret.

- Ring thickness: 1 mm.
- Size: 5 to 10 US.
- Hand stamped letters.

Gold Ingots free icon 14 Gold Filled. Gold filled is a material consisting of a solid layer of genuine 14k gold bonded to a metal base (copper) with heat and pressure. With this technology, you won't have to worry about jewelry tarnishing, gold rubbing off or allergic reactions.
Gold Ingots free icon 925 Sterling Silver. Sterling silver is a precious metal containing 92.5 percent of weight silver and 7.5 percent of weight copper. Its lightness and durability make it a popular metal among jewelry lovers.

The solder joint of the ring has been gold plated for more uniformity and a lovely finish. A slightly visible seam may appear with time, but the rest of the ring remain intact.

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